For me as an immunolgist, the analysis of immunogenetics data is key. In early days and still now many tools developed in bioinformatics are not specific enough to analyse immunogenetics data. Therefore, I developed specific tools and databases in the past and continue now.
The key program, written in ANSI-C is the DNAPLOT programm. Using DNAPLOT as the central tool, specific Web based programms were developed for the analysis of Immunoglobulin genes and HLA sequences. The central component of the DNAPLOT programm, the aligner, was awarded a German patent (DE0019950059C2).

  • January 1997

    VBASE Database

    The DNAPLOT software was used as a search engine for the VBASE database, which was constructed by Ian Tomlinson for human antibody variable genes. You can still search your sequences in the old DNAPLOT interface here.
  • January 1999

    IMGT Database published

    I was initially involved in the establishment of the IMGT database, codeveloped the IMGT alignment and developed the principle of the VQUEST component of IMGT, which in turn is based on the DNAPLOT software. The first publication can be found here.
  • January 2005


    The VBASE database is now followed by the VBASE2 database. VBASE2 follows the logic of the original VBASE database but is generated automatically using a computer program.