Services from EU-GENE:

  • Dedicated VBASE2 Servers

    EUGENE can provide dedicated Sequence analysis Server(s) with modifications according to the costumers needs. For example, it is possible to

    • add additional sequences databases for sequence searches
    • to provide specific search outputs
    • to modify the parameters used for the sequence analysis
    • to use more powerful computing servers
    • to connect to the server per computer programs directly


  • Set up and maintain your ORCID entry
    ORCID is the new way to clearly identify your scientific output to you as a person. In case you use a common name, like I do, almost all publication databases are unable to clearly identify easily all the publication output linked to you. It is easy to set up an ORCID ID but it can be tricky to add all your publications if you use a common name.
    EUGENE can set up your ORCID ID for you and help you to keep it up to date.

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