I am a researcher and I publish scientific papers. My name is very common and for example in the city of Cologne there are about 50 people with my name and a telephone in the telephone directory. It is not surprising that other scientists publish with the same or similar name and even some in the research area I am active in. This leads to a problem. When using the public databases like the NCBI database, it is very difficult to know, which of the papers with a name like mine is a publication of mine. To overcome this, I maintain a public list of my publications on the NCBI database that can be opened here.

The Google Scholar web page is the most accurate collection of my publications. It was the first web service that was able to present my publications automatically and correctly together with a matrix including several numbers that evaluate the impact of my publications.

The best way to present your publications is the ORCID database. You have to invest a bit of time to import your publications into the ORCID database, but once the publications are inserted, other databases are able to read your database. Although still in its beginning, many databases are able to read the ORCID databases and can also send information the ORCID database. So in my opinion, the ORCID database is the best place to keep your publications visible to the outside world. Also, in case you submit grant applications or scientific publications, you will have to provide your ORCID id. What I like best is that you can add more information then just the publication lists and this information can then be read by other databases. Once it is set up, you can for example search the European Pubmed Database for an
ORCID number and get back all the publications linked to an ORCID id. Also, in case you find an ORCID id in the European Pubmed Database entry, you can click on it and get all the publications liked to the ORCID id.

In case you are interested, EUGENE can help you with the initial setup of an ORCID id and help you to keep it up to date.
Inquire: info@eugene.de.